If you own specialty dice this is the box for you. The TPU rubber dice box was created specifically for gemstone and resin cast dice so that they can be transported to game night without any risk of damage. 

Other dice boxes printed in PLA or ABS plastic may wear your precious gemstones down causing them to become cloudy. TPU has a shore hardness of ~98a, similar to that of shoe soles, preventing wear on your dice. 

The rubber dice box also features 12 magnets that are 3mm thick, giving enough holding force to keep your box shut even when fully loaded with stone dice.

The pockets of the dice boxes pictured are for standard sized dice. We do also offer a dice box with larger pockets. 
*If your d4 measures larger than 19mm from tip to wall as shown, please let us know and we will send you the larger size. 
*If you have a d20 that is taller than 22mm please let us know and we can make a custom box with deeper wide pockets, this may add additional cost depending on how much bigger it needs to be.

"The Puck" Rubber dice box


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