Are you a collector of everything Zelda? Do you also love plants or home decor? 

Look no further then these lovely 3D printed Rupee planters! Made from PLA plastic, these planters "stand" 5.4 inches tip to tip, 2.7 inches side to side, and 2 inches deep. They have a convenient key hole in the back to hang on the wall from a screw or nail and a guard in front of that to help prevent dirt and water from escaping into the hole.

It is prefect for a succulent or some Ivy. Great for bedrooms, study rooms, entryways, or even your bathroom. PLA is food safe so it will not affect the PH levels of your soil. The wood glue we use for waterproofing is also non toxic. Not a good plant parent? We wont tell anyone if you put a fake plant inside.

Rupee Planter Inspired by Legend of Zelda


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