Be the envy of your guests with these cute and simple wall planters. A perfect home for a succulent by the kitchen window or Ivy by your entry way. This parabolic planter measures 6 inches wide, 4 long and about 3 inches deep. It can be easily hung on the wall with screws or you can rest it on a flat surface.

We also offer an add on drain tray. Planters without the drain tray do not have a hole at the bottom. Planters that do will have a small hole and a gap between the drain tray and the planter itself to help prevent your soil from retaining too much moisture.

The 3-pack offered is a variety pack with one of each planter. Other combinations are available upon request.

This planter is made from PLA and was treated to be water tight. If you need special accommodations for time please reach out and let me know. We keep a small stock on hand but these are made to order and can take some time to process.

I can also offer these planters in Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow at no additional charge. It may take an additional day or two to process. Please message if interested.

Parabolic Planter


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