Look like Link! Save Hyrule! Keep warm while you do it! 

The base of this hat varies depending on size. All are adult sizes, smalls run 21-23 inches, medium 24-26, and large 27-29 or 30. If you would like a kids hat let me know and I can do a custom order for you. Hat's tend to stretch a little overtime and fit to the wearers head, but they remain snug. I recommend taking a string and measuring from the back of your head to the top of your forehead as if wearing a headband or beanie to get a measurement. In most cases a good fitting hat will be within an inch or two of that measurement. Please ask if you have any questions about sizing.

All hats will vary in size, shape, and they way they slouch. I promise that each and every one of them will look similar to Link's hat, no matter the small variances.

Link Inspired Fleece Winter Hat


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